Monday, August 29, 2016

Week Fifty Nine - New Investigators and Lost Keys

We worked hard this week. We taught a lot and were able to start teaching some member references. We weren't able to get anyone new to church on Sunday which was frustrating. We went to bring Luzinete to church on Sunday morning but she had left early to go resolve something. That was frustrating. We are teaching this boy Vinicius and his family. He was going to church in Aracaju for a few months with his cousin for school break. And a few weeks ago he showed up here at church. He has a baptism marked for this week but we need to cover the commandments first. I think everything will go okay. 
My companion lost our house keys this week. After our appointment at 9 hours of the night. We were walking home and he just kind of stopped and panicked and said that he didn't have the keys. I was a little annoyed but I kept calm. We went and slept at the house of the elders in another area. The next day I had to ask the house donor for a spare key to get in. Later during the day our mission president called saying that we had left our keys in his car. Soo that was a relief. But It all worked itself out. 
I'll try and take more pictures this week. But yeah. Have a good week!

Elder Batten

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