Monday, September 5, 2016

Week Sixty - What Would Jesus Do?

This week was extremely frustrating I'm not going to lie. Pretty much all of our investigators that were progressing have stopped. Except one, who will be baptised on Saturday which will be cool. But a lot of annoying things left my angry and frustrated. One day we had designated a street to go and make contacts. The day had started off badly, and the first contact was with a preacher of an apostate church who wanted to argue about the doctrine of having a pre existence. Instead of arguing I ended the contact and continued. The next was a couple who heavily rejected us. When I introduced us they immediately said they were from another apostate church. (All other churches are considered apostate to me incase you were wondering). They stopped in the middle of the road and told us to go our way and they would go for theirs. Unluckily for them we were going in the same direction. So they stopped and waited and we continued. But we stopped again to make another contact. Then the couple came up in the middle of the contact, interrupted and started asking what we were trying to do to them. They accused us of trying to decieve them. The word decieve in Portuguese is a little stronger though. And I instantly filled with anger and lost control completely.
What would Jesus Do? well.... Mathew 21:12
No I'm just kidding, I really shouldn't have done that but I kind of lost it that day. Right after that we went to Luzinete to find her living once again with the guy who was beating her 2 months ago... they´re not married. So that was just swell. 
But some references opened up this week with a lot of potential. Just that they didn't go to church yesterday. 
Francielle has been rethinking being baptised because she has problems with the law of chastity. I left Alma 34 with her to read. Lets just say she has been re thinking things after reading. 
We are in Maceió right now. We have a zone conference tomorrow. This week will be better.
Take Care,
Elder Batten

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