Monday, September 26, 2016

Week Sixty Three - 21

The next transfer is this next week. My companion is doing great but he needs to talk more and interact more with people to better his language abilities. I think that I will maybe stay here with him a third transfer but I'm not too sure. I like this area for the most part. 

So I totally forgot it was my birthday this week. I don't know how but I just like spaced. I had planned a small get together with the Bishops family and their neighbors (an awesome investigator family who we are teaching). My birthday and the daughter of the family were on the same day and the Bishop on the 22nd. But I completely forgot and we had splits that day and I didn't remember about the "party" and I split off to the other area with another missionary. In the middle of the division like 4:30 or so the bishops wife called a little frustrated that I had forgotten. I apologized and remembered but it was too late. I was already in the other area. But they brought the cake home and I ate it the next day. So yeah. I'm 21. 

We had a bunch of new investigators at church on Sunday. It was good because they got to see the baptism of the other area after church. They all got excited. We've got some good things going in this area. 

We HAD a baptism on Saturday. Me and my companion cleaned and prepared the font the last time we had a baptism on the same day as the other elders. So it was their turn to prepare the baptismal font. The baptism was marked for 6 hours. I got there at 5. The font wasn't even filled. It was still emptying water from their baptism from last week that they didn't drain and when it got to the bottom it didn't empty 100%. It left like 2 inches of nasty fish smelling water that had bugs in it and we couldn't get it to drain it out to clean it.  Also literally no one came out for the baptism. So we cancelled it and put it off for next week. Yeah it was annoying. My leaders wanted me to put it off for Sunday morning because it was the last day of the month to hit our zone goal. But I still marked the baptism for next week. And it WILL happen next week without problems. 

So yeah that was our week. We've got some good families and good investigators progressing here. So yeah I'm happy.

Have a good week. 

Elder Batten

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