Monday, September 19, 2016

Week Sixty Two - Baptisms and Dreadlocks

Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week. I'll try better to take some this week. Also I got the package this week. I had to go to Maceió on Wednesday to get it. I had to pay for it because the mail system here is corrupt. But whatever. Some packages get taxed and you have to pay to unlock them. And if you wait too long the tax gets bigger and eventually sent back. But I loved the package. The shirt is sweet and I like the jump rope.

I got some cool letters/ pictures from 2 kids in the primary yesterday at church. They designed my hair pretty awesome in the picture. 

This week a boy named João Vitor is going to get baptized. He´s been waiting for 3 months now. Since he is younger than 15 and his parents aren´t members. He is friends of the bishops son. He goes to church with them. I´ve tried teaching his parents but they aren't really interested. They go to the church Universal. 

It's started to get hot here. Summer has officially started and it is heating up. 

We had a new investigator at church yesterday. Her name is Sandra. She is pretty cool. She´s very quiet and timid, but she talks openly with us. She feels a lot of guilt because her two sons who have 22 and 25 years are alcoholics. We found her by making a contact with her son in the street and he passed his address. His name is Rodolfo. He sells hippie bracelets in the street, has enormous dreadlocks, and plays guitar. He seems pretty cool but he is never home. The other son is always working. He works at home with his dad doing reforming to trailers.

But yeah

Have a good week.
love and miss you, Elder Batten

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