Monday, August 15, 2016

Week Fifty Seven - Time Flies

This week passed by very quickly. We had a productive week. We didn't see much progress on Sunday but we made a decent amount of new investigators. We found this family, they were actually a reference from a member in Maceió who was here last week. But they are super cool. But extremely Catholic. So we are working with them. They are very receptive though, except for one of the daughters who said she wouldn't pray about the Book of Mormon but that's okay. We'll get to her soon enough. She actually was invited to go to the Catholic Church on Wednesday and when we didn't go she mentioned it afterwards.
I think it was this week... I don't remember. Maybe it happened last week. But we were in the bus returning from lunch at a members house. And my companion started to feel sick. And the bus was pretty empty so he was on the opposite side of the aisle from me. And he just opens up his bag and threw up inside of it. I was laughing so much. I asked him afterwards why he didn't use the window and he said it was too far. I laughed even more. So we went home and he cleaned up and left when he was feeling better. But the bag stayed to dry up since he washed it. When we got to our appointments I told everyone to ask Elder Baires where his bag was. I gave him a lot of crap for it. 
Francielle will have to continue waiting one or two more weeks until she can enter the water because of the birth of her baby. So we will continue waiting.
Have a good week

Elder Batten

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