Monday, August 1, 2016

Week Fifty Five - Happy

Hey, this week went pretty great. We had some good progress with our investigators. 
Fancielle and Francisco are progressing really well. We were able to get Francisco to church this week. Which was some pretty great progress. We are working with Francisco to get him to stop smoking so that he can get baptized on the 13th. He smokes a lot, but I think he will be able to stop. We are visiting them almost every day. Also we are working with a reference of a member who went to church this Sunday. It is a family which we haven't gotten around to teach too much. He is kind of busy with work and things like that so it's a little difficult to make an appointment with him. But I've been patient. They are pretty well integrated with the members here already. 
Elder Baires is still getting accustomed to the language and understanding the people. I'm doing most of the talking but I will throw the lesson to him a lot to help him get accustomed. Sometimes he sits there and looks at me blankly without anything to say so he bears his testimony and I continue afterwards. It will help him get accustomed. But my accent is getting better everyday. I'm speaking pretty well right now. I'm hoping that here in 5 or 6 months I will be able to talk without anyone noticing I'm from another country.
But yeah the work is going well, the members are pretty great. I'm pretty happy right now.
Elder Batten


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