Monday, July 25, 2016

Week Fifty Four - Opening a New Area

(I asked Luke if they were excited about the Olympics there..)

There is not really much to talk here about the Olympics. The northeast of Brazil is kind of away from things from the rest of the world, like I've previously said. No one here really cares about the Olympics, haha. But Everything is going well. The work has been picking up more and more everyday. Also the members are helping a lot. They are giving us a decent amount of references and we are having some progress. I'm not going to lie though opening an area and training at the same time is really difficult. It was kind of frustrating at first because I didn't know where anything was and my companion doesn't speak the language. But I learned the area really quickly. I know that God helped me with that though. My companion is starting to speak better and better everyday. I've been helping him out and giving him advice. Also this area is huge. To walk to the meals with members everyday is a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. So we have to plan well our days.

We are teaching this man Francisco and his daughter Fancielle. We found them in the street. She was in the doorway of her house and I said "boa tarde." She laughed and tried to hide herself in her home. So I went up to the door and started talking to them and we taught them and brought Fancielle to church on Sunday. Francisco wasn't able to come but we will get him to church this next Sunday.

During lunch yesterday in the house of a member we were finished and almost leaving. The family has a teenage daughter and a young boy. The daughter's boyfriend was there to eat as well. At the end the daughter asked her little brother to go watch a movie with her and her boyfriend in the living room. I almost died when he responded. He goes, "Why would I want to sit there watching you two make out the entire time?" I was laughing for like a solid 2 minutes but my companion didn't understand. But I explained afterwards.

But everything is all good. I'm liking this area.

Have a good week, miss you.

Elder Batten

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