Monday, May 30, 2016

Week Forty Six - Progress and the Corner Cowboy

This week was awesome. We made some amazing progress and I'm really excited for this next week. We finally were able to get in contact with Mirna and finish teaching her. She is going to be baptized this week. It is going to be great. Also we have some possible baptisms marked for the week afterwards so I'm pretty excited for that.

This week rained every single day. It was kind of nice actually. It was pretty cool weather because of the rain so I didn't stay sweating the entire day. That was nice. And the rain was kind of calming during the night. So that was nice too.

We have been trying to visit all of the members of the branch more. The frequency of the branch has been pretty low recently so we are trying to animate them and help them. This Sunday we only had 30 people which is pretty low. So that has been nice to get to know the members a little more.

The transfer passed yesterday. I will stay here with the same companion. Happy about that. But I'm going to be district leader of 8 sisters ... I'm already pulling my hair out with 4. I can't even imagine 8. Nothing against sisters. But it's going to be rough.

The pictures I sent are of the area and a praça. I don't remember the word in English. (according to google translate it means plaza or square.)  Also a picture of the corner cowboy. That dude is legit.

Love and miss you
Elder Batten

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