Monday, June 6, 2016

Week Forty Seven - Baptism Pictures

So we had some baptisms this week which was cool. Mirna and Cida were baptized. I sent pictures but I don't have a picture of Cida which I will explain right now. Mirna's baptism was supposed to be on Saturday 3:00pm, and Cida was for 8:00am before church on Sunday because she works on Saturday. On Friday there wasn't any water at the church so we left the water on and open. When we arrived Saturday morning there still wasn't any water so we started filling the pia with buckets from the faucet in the church. After about 2 hours the water failed completely. The pia was only filled about to your knees so we had to cancel the baptism and put if off for Sunday morning together with Cida. The water came at like 4:00pm and the pia filled but on Sunday morning we got there early to get ready the baptismal clothing and make sure everything was okay. At about 8:00am Cida was there and Mirna wasn't. She had passed by the church earlier and told the president she would pass by her home and take a shower. So we sat waiting. She didn't come. At 8:30 we had to start the baptism so my companion left with a member to find Mirna and I did the baptism alone (with the members) and when I was baptizing Cida my companion showed up with Mirna and her mother (another investigator). I was so worried that she wouldn't come that I forgot to take a picture. Turns out Mirna thought we said that we would pass by her house before church and walk there with her. So she was ready at 7:30 at home waiting for us the entire time. She was baptized after church and I took a pic with Mirna, Cida and my comp but Cida is not wearing the baptismal clothing. I'm sad I don't have a picture of the baptism of Cida though. I was pretty irritated.

We are also still working with Maria and Edson. They didn't go to church this last Sunday which was sad but we are going firm with them still. We may have to cut them off though because they aren't progressing very much.

This week I have to do a baptismal interview on Tuesday, Wednesday I have to go to Maceio and Thursday I have to renew my visa, then Friday we have zone conference. It's going to be a busy week.

Love and miss you
Elder Batten

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