Monday, June 13, 2016

Week Forty Eight - Traveling

I thought I already said, but we got our energy back a while ago. The contract for the new house didn't go right. The owner of the house doesn't sign because of his vision. He only does thumbprints. (He actually wanted us to just move in and pay him cash every month and we had to convince him to do a contract). So the secretaries talked with the church lawyer and said that his daughter could sign for him. But when the contract got to Salt Lake it was rejected. So we won't be changing houses. And since we got all the bills right and have energy and water I'm not planning on going out again and wasting time looking for another house. So the mission president will have to wait out on that one.

The travel this week was tiring. It was like 8 hours to Maceió. We left at 3 and got there after 11 to the secretaries house. Then I renewed my visa and returned at like 6 the next day for Sergipe. We got to Sergipe at like midnight. And since the conference was there in Aracaju close by we stayed there until the morning and walked to the Conference which was close by. We had leadership meeting in the morning which was good. Then some training for the AP's which I liked and afterwards Sister Gomes and Pres Gomes talked about some things. I liked it a lot. They talked a lot about baptism, and about the goal for June which is 120 baptisms. In May the mission baptized 114. Things are a lot better now in the mission. My district had 10, which was the second best in the mission but it was because Sister Monteiro had 7 baptisms in one month.

We had very little time to work last week which was hard. Basically only Tuesday and Saturday and on Tuesday we had to leave to do a baptismal interview. But we made some really good investigators and marked to leave with them in the morning to go to church. When we got there, they had left for Rossa. Afterwards we passed by Maria and Edson who also weren't able to come. So we sat knocking on the doors of investigators and ex investigators to invite them to come to church until 9:40. No one went with us. So we didn't even attend Elders quorum really, and then went and taught Gospel Principles afterwards. It was really frustrating. But that's okay, this week will be better and we have more time to work.

Miss and love you,
Elder Batten

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