Monday, May 16, 2016

Week Forty Four - Candles and Open Windows

This week was pretty great. We got a decent amount of work done and we were able to find a lot of really good new investigators. We've got some really good potential for the end of the month and for June. We are pretty happy about that. It's always relaxing when you are able to find a family or find a new investigator that presses attention on what you are saying. Also the financial secretary was able to drop the monthly allowance on Saturday, so we won't stay without money this month.

We may have a baptism this week. If not, it will be the week afterward.  Her name is Mirna, and she is super elect. She is progressing really well and we are going to invite her to be baptized this week. She already has a date marked but we are going to try and move it to this week.

We are still without energy. It looks like it's going to stay this way until we change houses which should be "shortly" in two or three weeks. For now it's candles and open windows, and our shirts are buggy and not pressed. I'm washing my clothes by hand which isn't that bad. I just leave the clothes soaking in a bucket with detergent for a day or two and afterward I wash it by hand in the sink. But not having a fridge or cold water does suck I'll admit.

We had district conference this week which was cool. The district president gave a good talk and so did the mission president. So that was cool.

This week I saw a drunk guy sweeping a dying cat with a broom. Also there's this dude in Tobias who walks around the city dressed in woman's clothes with a stuffed bra/fake breasts. (I don't know or want to know)  And he's always sniffing this weird bottle of liquid and when he sees us he makes sure to call our attention. So there's that to give a little more insight about my mission....

Have a good week.
Love and miss you,
Elder Batten

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