Monday, May 23, 2016

Week Forty Five - Teaching Pool

Yeah I did give Victor one of my ties. It was that orange and blue one that I used when I was younger. I miss that family so much. I hope one day I can return there and visit them. But I had a good week. We lost a lot of proselyting time though because we had District meeting and also interviews in the other areas of the district. So we had to travel two of the days this week. But it was all good and I am happy because the district is baptizing.

One of our investigators, Mirna, we weren't able to find at all this week. We were hoping that maybe she would be baptized this past Saturday, but we weren't able to follow up with her. We were able to find her today in the morning. Yes we did sacrifice part of our P-Day but it's worth it because she is elect. So we are going to go forward from here and maybe she will be baptized this Saturday or the next. We will have to wait and see.

We are teaching this amazing couple right now, Edson and Maria. They are so great. They went to church for the first time yesterday. They liked it a lot. They have a baptismal date set here in a few weeks and we are pretty animated to teach them every time we go there. But one of the difficulties here is that there aren't any example families to show our investigators or to make friendships. There is only the branch president and his wife. So it's a little hard when we bring a family, or a couple to church and there are like 20-25 people there in total and most of them are youth. But I have hope for the branch.

We have a pretty good teaching pool right now. Some potential for baptisms in the future. So we are both pretty excited to continue working here.

I liked the prom picture.
Hope everyone is doing well, I'll try and take some pictures this week.

Elder Batten

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