Monday, February 29, 2016

Week Thirty Three - Progress

Here in the noredeste there are a lot of avocado and mango trees. It's pretty easy to grab some for free. Also there are a lot of Jaca, but that is a little harder to grab from a tree because the fruit is so big and high. And summer hasn't been especially hot. There has been a decent amount of rain this summer.  Everyone says that normally it is a lot warmer, but this week was an inferno. It was so dang hot. I burnt a little bit on my arms and face. I don't put sunblock on my arms because it stains the sleeves of my shirt orange. But I do put it on my face. My arms are pretty accustomed though sunburns only last like a day because my skin is used to it. I know it's bad to not put it on, but I'm not about to have orange shirts.

This week went really well. There has been a lot of progress here. We had a mountain of investigators at church yesterday. We are getting the members animated to start passing references, and the work is growing a lot. We're having a ton of progress here. We have a baptism marked for this Saturday as well. We'll have to wait and see if it will go right. Possibly we will have to put it off for the next week. But we've been working hard and are seeing the fruits of our labors right now.

Yesterday we went with Celia, Jose and Victor to eat after church. She mad a feijoada so good I almost cried. But I'm really happy to see the happiness that the gospel has brought into their lives. I really hope that I get to stay here one or two transfers more.

I'll try and send more pictures next week, sorry sometimes I run out of things to say.
Elder Batten

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