Monday, February 15, 2016

Week Thirty One

Hey, this week was great. And yes, I'm emailing Reese right now. It's crazy how many people have been getting married in the short time that I've been on my mission. It's going to be really weird when I return and people who were single are now married and have kids. But I almost died when I heard the story about Hannah and the gasoline fight. I guess there is more to life than being really really really good looking.

Carnival ended this week. It wasn't too crazy here in Rio Largo because the town is so small. But there was a decent amount of drinking and partying in the street. This week we had a lot of progress with our investigators. I talked a little bit about Celia, Victor and Jose last week. But Celia wants to be baptized like right now haha.  But she and Jose have to get married first. They are going to start working on the process here soon. We already gave her the paper to start. On Sunday during Sacrament meeting I sat next to her. While the sacrament was being passed she prayed. Shortly after it finished she started to cry a little bit. It wasn't out of sadness or anything like that and I didn't pester her or ask why she was crying, but I knew. There is a comfort that only the gospel can bring into our lives. Anyone can be happy, but the happiness that the gospel brings is much higher. That moment I felt happier than I have ever been to see that be brought into the life of someone else.

We had some other investigators at church on Sunday as well, Maria and Eugenia. They are part of a family that we have been teaching recently. Super cool family and it's fun to teach them. Also Carlos who is a youth who called to us in the street last week. We went there and taught him and his mom, but only he agreed to go to church with us on Sunday. He is really young but pretty excited to learn and liked the meeting on Sunday. We told him that we will go to the activity on Wednesday with him.

We have also been teaching a woman named Miltiani recently. She asks more questions than any investigator I've ever taught. she presses attention on everything she reads in the Book of Mormon. She asks a lot of really good questions and said she would go to church last Sunday but she faulted out when Sunday came. We are going to return and continue helping her. I feel strongly that if she goes to church one time she will want to stay.

Have a good week. I hope all is well.
Elder Batten

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