Monday, February 1, 2016

Week Twenty Nine

This week went well. We made a lot of new investigators including 2 families who are both really good. But once again we weren't able to get anyone to church. A new member who moved here this last week asked us to go to her house Sunday morning to walk her and her kids to church to show her where it is. She lives 40 minutes away. So we left early Sunday morning to walk her to church. When we arrived there she wasn't home... Yeah I got pretty frustrated. It was annoying. Luckily when we were returning a member of the stake stopped on the side of the road and gave us a ride. It only saved 15 or 20 minutes but it was nice.

Also the transfer passed yesterday. I'm going to stay here in Rio Largo with Elder Rui. But he is going to change his name to Elder Ortiz. He came to the mission as Elder Ortiz but there was already another Elder Ortiz so he changed it to Rui. But Elder Ortiz returned home this transfer so he is going to re change his name so that he can use his family name.

This last Sunday there were less than 25 members at church. It was pretty disappointing. We're going to change this next week our plan for finding new investigators and teaching. So we're going to start visiting the members and asking for references like always, but also for any less actives that live nearby. We're going to start working with members that haven't been to church in a long time to reactivate. And in the process try to bring non members of the family, new people that they know or live with. If we don't force the members to be involved there will come a day when they will have to start going to CPA which is the ward nearby. So we have hope for the coming week but it will be difficult.

I hope all is well,
Elder Batten

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