Monday, March 7, 2016

Week Thirty Four - Waiting for Baptism

This week was great, but our baptism fell through. It was pretty hard, but I'm confident it will happen some day. Something hard to explain here is authority for baptism. A lot of people aren't able to understand this, but we are continuing to go there and teach the entire family. It was for Eugenia and her mom (Maria) to be baptized on 5 of March. The date was made a while ago and when Maria got sick with dengue we were not able to continue visiting them. When we were able to return we discovered that Maria isn't married. Resulting, Eugenia kind of shied away from the baptism. But it's possible that on the 19th and 26th we are going to have anywhere from 4-6 baptisms. Which is gonna be sick. Only the next transfer is going to be March 13th. I don't think I'm going to leave but if I do I will get pretty annoyed.

I'm a little bit sick right now. I've had an upset stomach, fever and headache for the past couple of days so I'm kind of without anything to say. But we worked hard this week, we were able to bring 9 investigators to church this Sunday. The total amount of people there was 48, so things are getting better.

Sorry, I'll try and write more next week.

Elder Batten

Family Home Evening with some investigators and members

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