Monday, March 21, 2016

Week Thirty Six - 2 crazy stories

I'm feeling better now, I'm back to normal. I was pretty close to normal the last P-Day actually. This week went pretty well, we worked a lot and made some new investigators. I heard that Mom cried the whole time while reading my letters, won't say who told me. It 's really weird now that I'm that missionary out in the field who's parents read his letters from the pulpit. That's really strange for me. I kind of expected that Emily would pick up the language pretty quickly. She's pretty smart and if I remember correctly she studied a bunch of Spanish in high school. That's cool that Cole got a scholarship to Utah State. That's pretty awesome.

This week was a lot of work. We had to recuperate from the week that I was sick. Also I didn't mention but all of our baptisms marked for this past week fell through. We have a problem with un married investigators, and their kids that are progressing have less than 15 years so they have to wait out three months or until their parents can be baptized. We were hoping that some of the older siblings would start to progress but it isn't seeming to happen. We have some potential baptisms outside of Celia and Jose who need to get married. It's only a question of real desire to follow the answers that they have received.

I don't have any pictures. I'll prepare something for next week but I can give a funny story. It's a little raunchy but not that much. So me, my companion and a member were walking to a family home evening and these two women passed by.  One of them just shouted out "Olha ele, que gostoso" which is like, "look at him, so tasty" or something like that, but gostoso has another meaning which signifies wanting. When I looked up at her she just gave me this face and I died with shame. I looked at my companion and Wania the member who was with us. I was like you guys heard that too right? and they just started laughing and giving me crap. Not the first time, but it never stops being awkward and weird, especially when the women has like 35 years.

Also I have a crazy story: when I arrived at church on Sunday there were some Americans sitting in the front of the chapel. I greeted everyone and came by to talk with them. When I started talking one started responding only in English, the other didn't understand. Turns out he served his mission in Brasilia and married a woman from Rio Largo after his mission. They were there with some family visiting her parents. But the crazy part is that they are from Oregon City. One hour from home. I was so shocked that in Rio Largo, in the middle of nowhere I met someone who was from Oregon.  Which is not a common place for any Brazilian to know. It was pretty crazy. So I spoke a little English with them, which was different.

But love and miss you, have a great week!
Elder Batten

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