Monday, December 28, 2015

Week Twenty Four - A Christmas Baptism

Yeah we definitely skyped too long, but whatever. I'm back to normal and I'm not dying of trunkyness.  And yes, they have eggs here.  Eggs are super cheap too. 40 for 10 Reais, which is like  2 1/2 dollars.  But I'm happy to hear that everyone had a great Christmas.

The baptism was great. It helped me get refocused after talking with you guys on Christmas. Everything went well.  I guess I haven't talked about Cleitony very much.  He is 15 years old and he is the son of a member in the ward. He moved here recently from São Paolo. He was living with his dad and he came here to live with his mom. When we found him in their house we started teaching him. He was really open to all of our lessons. He kept all our commitments and he received an answer to his prayers and he was baptized.

I had to re-baptize him like 4 times. He is kind of tall and the font isn't very deep. It was not even up to my waist. He wouldn't keep his feet on the ground and his feet kept coming out of the water. But eventually I got him all the way under and everything was fine. I'm going to try and send pictures after I send the email.

There is also a chance that we will have another baptism this Saturday or maybe next. Liete is an investigator that has already been to church enough times to be baptized. The problem is that the first time she went to church she hated it. None of the members spoke with her, and to make it worse when the President went up to the pulpit to talk he just spoke a lot of garbage. He started talking about the temple ordinances and temple video. It was horrible and he said a lot of other crazy stuff as well. But she was there yesterday and had a better time. Also another problem with her is that her daughter smokes crack. Liete has a lot of concern for her and it impedes her time sometimes. Her daughter is 18 and super cool but she smokes a lot of cigarettes ... and ... well... crack. We started teaching the boyfriend of her daughter also. Her boyfriend is like a really good investigator. He asks really good questions.  And we had a really good lesson with him. It will be a problem to get him to stop using drugs and to go to church, but we will see.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a great New Year.

Elder Batten

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