Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week Twenty Two - Transfer

So I'm getting transferred tomorrow for Rio Largo. My next companion will be Elder Ilg. I already know him and I'm pretty excited. It's gonna be awesome. Rio Largo has a lot of Grota and Ladeira which means a lot of lateral walking. But the town is small so it will be good. It's kind of sad to leave my first area but it will be good to see some change.

We had Conference of Christmas this week. It was pretty fun. The whole mission was there at the Farol. It was pretty awesome. We had a slide show of all the missionaries who sent pictures of special baptisms. A talent show which was almost entirely singing, and Christmas videos. So it was good.

I had plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas but I will pass Christmas in Rio Largo now so as of now I have no idea. But I do need Cole's skype to talk with you on Christmas. Also I received the second package that you sent with the stocking. Thanks for the package it was really nice to receive something.

Usually P Day consists of the normal wake up routine. Afterwards we clean the house and make something to eat. We go to the market, buy food and make lunch. Us 4. Oliveira cooks well and usually we eat good. Afterwards we go the the LAN house, return and sleep or do whatever we want for the rest of the day.

I see the ocean from certain places in my area now. I saw the ocean more when we were taking care of Beira Mar. The beach is only 25 or 30 minutes from  our house. When we had to go to Paripuera which is 1 hour by bus, we drove along the beach for the trip to there.

My personal study I've been reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese. I actually finished reading this week. It took about 4 months to read it cover to cover in Portuguese. It was really cool and spiritual when I finished the last chapter of Moroni. Usually I spend most of my time doing that. Sometimes I'll study the Bible in English.  It's a little harder in Portuguese to read the Bible. I've re-read almost all of the New Testament and I started re-reading part of the Old Testament recently. Pretty much I just read the scriptures. I prefer it anyways.

Have a good week. Love and miss you!

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