Monday, December 7, 2015

Week Twenty One - A little Honesty

Sorry if my letters are getting short. I'm gonna be really honest right now. The first few weeks of this transfer I was getting really homesick. I was thinking about home a lot and the weekends (Sunday and Monday) were getting really difficult for me. I was getting really trunky and was not enjoying anything we were doing to be honest. This week was a lot better. I've ben a lot more focused on the work, and I'm not thinking about home as much.  It's hard to explain, but for a missionary to stay thinking about home a lot is really bad. Right now I'm learning more how to be lost in the work. Probably only Dad will understand. But the emails are getting shorter because I'm more focused here. So Sorry. I will try to focus here and make this email longer.

The weather here is getting hot.  This week had a day that was 34 or 35 degrees. I don't know in Farenheight but the humidity is killer. 105 degrees in Oregon doesn't compare to 90 here. The humidity is horrid here. And everyone is saying that January and February will hit the maximum of heat that Maceio has. But this area is close to the beach so we have a lot of wind which helps kill the heat and sweat.

An interesting thing that happened this week. To be honest I don't know if this was this week or last week, but I learned that our neighbor Gleyce (who has called me pretty, beautiful, and other things...) used to be a man. He had a sex change and is now a woman. We had a lesson with her and afterwards went to talk with Evilazio who is our other neighbor (member of the church) and he started laughing and said "Elle corou seu pinto." He thought is was hilarious that we didn't know already.

Our closest investigator right now is Valdinesse. She is a reference of a less active member who is returning to the church right now. He served a mission and went less active after. He is returning right now and Valdinesse is his girlfriend. She has been going to church and wants to be baptized. They are living separate right now, and probably she will be baptized the 19th. We will have to wait and see. The problem is that her house is out of our area. And they don't plan to get married and live together. Also the ward they have been going to isn't ours Barlioche. He has work in the morning and they go to a different ward later in the day. So yeah that's a little complicated. She does plan to move here December or January so maybe she will be baptized here or maybe Jacentinho, If that actually does happen.

To be honest Brazilians here don't have many traditions, even for Christmas. Most of the people will play loud music and get drunk in the street, haha, yeah. Maybe some of the members have some but I don't know yet.

Sounds like your ward Christmas party was fun. And that's sick about cross country, and about Hannah's service project. Have fun at Santa Land.

Miss you all

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