Monday, September 28, 2015

Week Eleven - "Eu vou ser batizado"

That birthday celebration picture was funny, Enjoyed that. Also Happy Birthday Tyler! And I will try and send more pictures. It all depends on how good the wifi is at the church. We are going to watch conference in our building. Also, this week we have a mission tour, a member of the 70 will be coming. That should be good. And I have a bed cover, I just don't have a blanket to sleep with. Not a big deal.

Yesterday was the last day of my first transfer and I will be staying here. But they are closing down the Jacintino ward so we will have a 4 person apartment to ourselves. Lima and Sorrenson will be transferred. That is going to be a little weird.

This week went well. Sergio was able to get divorced. Now he and Andressa are going to be married and baptized within this next transfer. They have been waiting a really long time for this to happen, so that will be really great to see. I'm looking forward to it. Also Janielle said that "Eu vou ser batizado" I will be baptized at the beginning of our lesson on Saturday. He and his spouse who is a member have been studying and praying together and he has been going to church regularly. He needs to be married first which they will try to do within this month or the next. And then he will be baptized. So I'm really excited about that. He has a strong hold in the Church, friends, and his wife. And he has a firm desire so I think he will remain active when we leave. Having baptisms that go inactive is a fear of mine, but I don't feel that with him. It's going to be great.

But yeah, I'm still learning the language but I feel like I'm getting closer and closer every day. My companion and the other Elders in our District say that my Portuguese is good. A lot better than a lot of other missionaries with more time than me. And also that my accent is visible but not as strong as some other American missionaries. So that is reaffirming.

I don't have too much else to say. The days are slow, but it feels like I just had a P day yesterday. It's super weird. Also writing these emails is getting harder. My mind has transitioned into thinking in Portuguese so writing in English can be a little hard. I don't know.


Thank you Drew Wilson for this photo. The girl in the picture served her mission with Drew and now she is home in Macieó in the ward where Luke is serving. They are teaching her sister the discussions.

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