Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Twelve - "Davi and Golliath"

Hey, conference weekend was good. We had a mission tour this week on Friday, Elder Fernandes who is a member of the 70 came to talk to us. It was really fun. All of the missionaries in Maceió were there. Sergipe had theirs the day before. So I finally go to see more missionaries. But there are still 1/2 of our mission that I have to wait until Christmas to see. But it was really fun. Elder Fernandes gave a really good talk. I learned a lot. Part way through his talk he asked for the tallest and the shortest missionaries to come to the front. I wasn't the shortest, there are a few that are shorter than me but I knew immediately that I would have to go up. Elders Lima,  Rossa, Pedro and Mariano all yelled my name and I ended up having to go up. He then compared us to David and Goliath and started talking about how we need to have the faith and strength of David and also to know that we were called specifically of God just like David was. Well "Goliath" left to sit down after Fernandes was done with him. Fernandes put his arm around me and kept talking for a few more minutes. So there was that. He called me Davi whenever he saw me after that.

Conference was good. I could understand whenever I listened, but I had trouble focusing on the voice overs. But there were a few good talks that I caught from beginning to end. I don't know what it is but voice overs are really hard to focus on.

Since Jacentino was shut down its weird having a big apartment to ourselves. We have separate bathrooms so that's cool. Some areas have 4 missionaries to one bathroom. So that's been nice.

We are still waiting on our investigators to get married. It's been tough but we have 4 that are progressing really well. They are all ready to get baptized but only need to be married. All four are working on it, but I'm only impatient because I want to be here when they get baptized. Janielle is progressing remarkably. It's been really great to see him grow. He and his spouse who was inactive before are doing really great. It's been great to watch them grow.

I heard about Emily's mission call, she sent me an email. That's really cool. Barcelona is going to be sick. I was happy to hear about that.

I wanted to see the eclipse but the full eclipse was at midnight and I was too tired to stay up so I went to bed. That camera can zoom pretty well.

Have a good week!

Full Moon over Maceió

Luke's companion, Elder Mariano

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