Monday, September 21, 2015

Week Ten - I'm 20 now

Well, I'm 20 now, pretty wild. It feels like time just kind of pauses here in the mission even though it doesn't. It's hard to explain. I don't know when I'm going to be able to receive the package. I don't think that I can until zone meeting. But I can wait. Writing these letters is a little difficult because the weeks are all starting to blend together. This week I had some interesting experiences.

We were in Cruz das Almas for lunch. (Here you have lunch with the ward members, not dinner. It's a culture thing here.) But we received a call from a member in one of our wards. He is an interesting person. He needed a blessing because he wasn't feeling well so we went and gave him one. After he was pretty grateful and wanted to make us juice. We said that we had to teach a lesson to a person who lives in his building two floors down and he said he wanted to come with us. Our investigator wasn't home but we ended up teaching the grandmother of our investigator. Pretty early on with talking to her the ward member started talking about the endowment and proceeded to pull down his shirt so he could show her his garment top. I almost died. He would pull unrelated scriptures out of the Book of Mormon to share while we were having the first discussion about the restoration. It was pretty funny I have to admit but it was really hard to teach. Especially since the sister was resistant to the Book of Mormon already. But at the end of the lessons he asked her if her apartment had been dedicated. She didn't know what that meant so he explained it. She said that she doesn't need it because her house is already a place where the spirit resides and it would be unecessary. But he was like no. You need to have your house dedicated. I will do it, I will do it ("Eu vou, Eu vou"). And then he dedicated her apartment... It was really difficult for me and my companion to not bust out laughing during some points of the lesson, but whatever. I know he means well. He's just a little strange.

I have tons of mosquito bites all over my legs, I don't know how. And it's almost impossible not to scratch them, they itch so bad. I'm accustomed to the food and everything now. I'm not throwing up and my stomach sits well pretty much every time I eat. So that's good. Also it's starting to heat up a bit. Around 11-2 it's really hot, but 5-9 is really nice when the sun goes down. I'll try to send more pictures soon. I keep forgetting to take some.

The language is going really well. I'm understanding almost all the time now. I still hear words that I don't understand but I can figure out the meaning of things much easier. And the tense that people are talking (past, present, future) I can understand really well. I just need to learn more words as of right now. But I just need to have patience.

Well as for our investigators.  We have a couple that the husband needs to get divorced so they can be married, and baptised. He's still working on that. And we lost one of our investigators this week. Roben said that he's done with going to church and seminary. That was frustrating because he's been to church numerous times. He was basically almost a member. And we put a lot of time into him and now it's done. But we have an investigator named Janielle who is doing great. We teach him on Saturdays and he went to church this Sunday. He's been before. He is a friend of a member named Bruno who I like a lot.  He's been helping him with doctrines and stuff like that during other times. But he could be baptised this coming month I think.

Well, until next week.


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