Monday, April 11, 2016

Week Thirty Nine - Tobias Barreto

My week went well. My new area is Tobias Barreto. It is in another state called Sergipe. It was a 7 hour bus ride to get here and an hour of taxi from Rio Largo to the bus station. Tobias is another small town kind of like Rio Largo but Tobias is a little bigger and a bit more complicated. There are more roads here and I still don't know the area all that well. I think that I will get accustomed in another two weeks, but that's all right. It is a branch here averaging about 30-35 members. Yesterday there were 30. The second counselor of the branch is younger than I am.

My companion Elder Custodio and he is from Fortaleza. Normally on Pday I just sleep, but my companion  has some things he needs to do during Pday, for example today he got his eyebrows done ... I'll leave it at that.

We have a baptism marked for 23 of April. Her name is Degenalda. She is our best investigator that we have been working with the last 2 weeks. She liked testimony meeting yesterday and even cried at the testimony of one of the members. So that was awesome. I don't have too much to report.. this week we made a lot of new investigators and taught a lot of lessons but many have already been cut off. So, it's pretty tiring work but I'm pretty animated to it's all good.

Love and miss you
Elder Batten

(Luke's District)

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