Monday, May 15, 2017

Week Ninety Six - Mother's Day Edition

It was good to talk with everyone on Mother's Day. I forgot to show my planner that a sister in my district made for me. On the front is my plane passage to go home, and on the back she made like a collage with things for after the mission, it has the law of chastity, a picture of the temple, a cut out of a girl, and a little baby. It was pretty funny.

We spent some time this week finding new investigators. We found quite a few, but a lot couldn't come to church this Sunday "because of mother´s day". But we had Jadiel at church with his little daughter this week. I'll try and take some more pictures this week, I haven't taken any in a while. Where going to have a family home evening with the members tonight so I'll take a picture with everyone. 

3 more weeks. It feels like so much time but it is also so little time. Confliction. 

sorry I can't think of much else to say

have a good week ,
Elder Batten

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