Monday, May 29, 2017

Week Ninety Eight - Let it Rain

Hey, sorry I didn't send a long email last week. I wanted to play basketball so I didn't have much time. I'm really sorry.
This week we had tonnss of rain, like more rain than Maceió has had in a really really long time. Like a lot of the streets got flooded and a lot of the stop lights broke down, and the rain caused the road to break and there are a lot of holes in the street because of the rain. The city is not that well built for rain. We had some buckets in our house catching water that was pinging from the ceiling. We had quite a few spots of droppage and a lot of the ceiling got wet and paint started to fall from the ceiling. But it was cool. We spent repeated days wet and the house smells like wet clothes, and wet elder.
We had a stake conference here at the church this weekend. It was great. The president of the Recife temple came and talked. He and the stake president both gave very powerful talks. The conference was really spiritual. I enjoyed it a lot. 
We are going to start working with this lady named Neide this week. She came to the conference because she felt inspired that she needed to be there. She has quite a few doubts and questions about religion and such. We visited her house once, she lives in a favela in a really humble house, but I'm excited to work with her this last week.
I don't know If I'm gonna be able to send email next Monday, there are lot of things scheduled for me to do and dinner with the president so I don't know, if not, see you soon!

Elder Batten  


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