Monday, March 20, 2017

Week Eighty Eight - Niki Manaj?

Hey! So we had 2 baptisms this week. Graziela and her daughter Gabrielle were baptized on Saturday. It was a pretty great experience. I'll include the pictures.
I did some baptismal interviews this week. I went to Coruripe, and the Barra de São Miguel. Coruripe was a cool city. The church isn't really settled there yet, they have to go the the Barra to attend church.  It was a really cool city and a lot different than Maceió. Like people stay outside at night and stay in the square at night. We had to spend the night at the Patriarch's house because it is kind of far. But I was with Elder Toma who is American. He has like 5 months on his mission. Before going to bed the Patriach asked him if he wanted something to eat and Toma looked super confused. I had to explain to him what he said. Afterwards Toma was like: I thought he asked me if I wanted Niki Manaj, and I was super confused? I laughed a lot.
Yesterday we passed the transfer. Elder Piagentini got transfered and me and Andrade are going to continue here in the area. 11 weeks left.
Elder Batten


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