Monday, March 13, 2017

Week Eighty Seven - Elder Christofferson Visit

Hey! This week was cool. We had some good work. Also Elder Christofferson came this week. It was kind of good for me because recently I've been getting a little lazy. It's not like I don't want to do anything, but I don't have the same motivation that I had when I was in my first year. So having an apostle coming this week was good for me. 
We had a meeting with Elder Christofferson on Saturday. It was cool. Elder Robbins and his wife, Elder Basset and his wife, and also Elder Antunes from the area seventy were also there. They shook hands with everyone. He just answered questions for the training. It was cool, I asked a question about the spirit, which elder Antunes answered and then Christofferson talked a little as well. He gave some pretty lengthy responses to our questions. After the meeting Elder Antunes stopped and gave me a hug and started talking to me about my question. Everyone got jealous and wanted to know what he said afterward.  
There was a moment where I had some self reflection. Elder Christofferson gave a pretty detailed and lengthy testimony. He started by saying something along the lines: "This may be the last time that this specific group will be together, so I want you all to know that I was here. From someone who knows that Christ lives you heard my testimony. I know that Jesus lives." And he bore his testimony and it was a different experience. It left a strong mark on me. Many missionaries return home and end up falling away from the church at one point or another. Statistically not all of the missionaries will persevere until the end, and not all will qualify for exaltation. Christofferson left the spirit and the witness of the truth, that no one will be able to deny happened. And that will bear witness in the judgement one day. And I reflected and looked at myself. Looked at my weaknesses, and what more I need to do. I also thought about what I know. I've studied and learned a lot on my mission, but if I fall away because I stopped doing the things that are necessary it won't mean anything, and my own knowledge will bear testimony against me in the last day. 
That was basically my week. I also did a division to perform a baptismal interview. We have some baptisms coming up this week, so that's gonna be great!
Take Care,
Elder Batten

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