Monday, March 27, 2017

Week Eighty Nine - Blessings and Cleaning

Hey! The secretary is close to buying my plane ticket home. He asked for the name of my airport this week, but he still hasn't bought the ticket. Only 10 more weeks XO. Kind of wierd that it is so close. I feel like I've only been here for a few days/ an eternity. Not really sure which one it's felt like. It's kind of a mix between the both.
We got called a few times this week to go to the hostpital to give some blessings. We gave a blessing to a members brother who was shot in the neck, shoulders, stomach, knee, foot, and side. It was a lot of flesh wounds (bad joke). But he was getting better and we gave him a blessing to heal entirely, he had a surgery the next day and everything went well. 
We are teaching the cousin of a woman we baptised. his name is Ailton, he is 16 and he has been going to some of the courses that they have here at the church, like english, and computer formatting or something like that. He has gone to a few of the activities at church, and seems pretty interested. We taught him for the first time 3 weeks ago, but we hadn't been able to follow up on him for a while now. 
Also last Thursday me and my comp went to clean the house in Trapiche for the two sisters that got transferred to there. The house was left filthy filthy filthy when the elders were ET´d. And the sister that was going to move in there I know and I felt bad so we went to clean the house. Also she was coming there with a greenie and I didn't want the newbie to get scared. Because my first house on the mission was absolutely destroyed and when I walked in and I thought to myself "what did I just walk into?" The house was nasty. So we cleaned it for like 2 hours. I filled a big trash bin full of trash and left it in the apartments dump. (they live in this super nice apartment on the beach). But it was nasty. 
yeah thats about it. have a good week love you
Didn't really take any pictures this week. 
Elder batten

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