Monday, January 9, 2017

Week Seventy Eight - Member Referrals

Me and my companion had some nice progress this week. We didn't find a ton of new investigators but we found some people who seem pretty serious and commited to pray and read. Ednilson and Mayara may get baptized on Saturday it's not too certain yet. Ednilson was able to stop drinking coffe, but he has some other problems. We also have a baptism marked for the 21st which is pretty certain.

We´re teaching this guy named Sandro who was the reference of a member. When we started teaching him, he told us he had been praying recently asked God for guidance in his life. That was on the same day that we challanged his sister who is a member to give us a reference. it was pretty cool and the testimony meeting was very powerful at church when almost their entire family was there together and some of them bore testimonies.
I'm really loving this area a lot and I'm pretty happy here!
Don't have much else to say. I'll take pictures this week
Elder Batten

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