Monday, January 23, 2017

Week Eighty - An Awkward Bus Ride

We had a baptism this week. Mikaella who is the granddaughter of a member was baptized. We had 3 baptisms marked but the other 2 fell through. One will happen this week and the other I'm not sure. We've been working hard with him but he hasn't been fulfilling commitments recently. We did have some investigators go to church for the first time this Sunday which was really great. 
Also we passed the week without water in our house. We didn't realize that we were having a water shortage and we used all of the water from the reserve in our house. Then we were without water to shower, wash clothes, rinse dishes, and flush toilets. So we spent the week filling up buckets and water gallons at the church and taking them home to shower and wash clothes. Taking showers with buckets wasn't all that bad though. What kind of sucked was not being able to wash dishes and flush toilets. The problem is that flushing a toilet requires like almost an entire bucket of water and we had four buckets and 2 of those 5 gallon water jugs. So we would use the bathroom at the church sometimes. It definitely tested our patience a little this week.
If you want to hear interesting things that happened to me this week.. one, I killed a scorpion.
Also yesterday on the bus I was returning to the chapel from a commitment far away. The bus got really crowded and I ended up standing next to these 3 girls who were seated. They started talking about me and I just kind of got all awkward looked and smiled and said thanks... they then told me I looked like the Ken from Barbie and one touched my hand which was dangled over the seat. They asked a bunch of questions so I told them about the church and invited them. Then when the bus got really really crowded and I had no where to flee she started touching my hair and put her head on my shoulder and asked if I wanted to sit on her lap like 5 times which I said no I'm fine 5 times in response. Then we got to the stop and I said see you at church next sunday and one grabbed my hand and held on to it but then let me go to descend the bus.
So you asked for interesting stories, at the moment I really only have things like that. 
Hope you all have a good week
Elder Batten
enjoy the pictures, there are a lot

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