Monday, December 5, 2016

Week Seventy Three - Revisiting Rio Largo

Hey how's it going. This week went pretty well. We spent a lot of time visiting members and going after references to build a new investigator pool. I've pretty much decided that I'm finished knocking doors and going after contacts and lessons. It's way more effective and less tiring working with members. We had a lot of success this past month doing that. 

I did splits with Rio Largo (my old area) this week. I went there and I was able to see Cleitony and Celia, José, and Vitor. Celia and José still haven't gotten together their papers to get married yet. But it's because the judge has been procrastinating putting everything together. But they are getting close. They were pretty happy to see me. It was really good to see them.
Antonio the guy who killed someone came to us after we explained to him that he would have to turn himself in and said it was all a lie. He said he invented the story to know if it was really the true church and to know that we don't just baptize any person that comes to church. Since then, he hasn't come again. I really am not sure what to believe but I do not trust the story that much. It's pretty sad because he is almost finished the Book of Mormon and he understands it and is able to recount the story to us. But he has let his pastor fill some garbage in his head about going and doing a religious course for free or something. So we're not sure what is going to happen with him. I think the story is true though and we will likely have to cut him here soon.

Last night we found the skunk. But It isn't really a skunk. I think skunks are different here. It's called cassaco here, but skunk in Portuguese is gambá. So I don't know what it is exactly. We heard him eating our trash last night and I went out and saw him and captured him. We threw him into our house and closed all the doors. And watched him run around in the house, climb on the table legs. He is pretty interesting. My companion gave him a bath. We will release him here soon. 

Have a good week
Elder Batten

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