Monday, November 28, 2016

Week Seventy Two - Sleep Deprivation and Vanessa and Pitoca get Baptized

Hey, thanks for the pictures! I liked them a lot. I actually didn't even know that it was Thanksgiving this week until like 9:30 at night when I was talking with a sister on the phone and she said Happy Thanksgiving. But yeah. 
This week was extremely tiring. We ended up stressing a lot with Davisson and returning home really late at night a few times and afterwards waking up early and having to leave to resolve or do something. On Friday we left early in the morning to do baptismal interviews and I just kind of woke up put on clothes and left without taking a shower. I forgot to put on sunscreen and it ended up being really hot that day and I burnt completely. I'm still a little red in the face. 
We had two baptisms on Saturday. Vanessa and Pitoca were baptized. It was really great. They have been participating in the ward activities. I'll include the pictures. 
This temporary church to rob peoples money was opened close to our house this weekend. They made tons of of noise and were always playing music, with some crazy women screaming things that aren't even written in the bible. I lost a few hours of sleep. The bishop here is super cool, and he also served a mission. I joke around with him a lot about the things that people always say to missionaries like "in the gospel of Thomas Jesus said" or "once the prophet Titus said to the people"... These kinds of things are pretty common. Especially "In the bible Jesus said that church signs don't save anybody." Really??... Could you show me that scripture...?? Haha it's funny but I really wanted to sleep. 
I'm really loving this area. We've been having a lot of success, and the ward has started a plan for a future division to have two wards here. 
Have a good week, love and miss you
Elder Batten

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