Monday, October 10, 2016

Week Sixty Five - Gurguri

I wouldn't say I was "happy" or "sad" about being transferred. I had a good time in Arapiraca. But I'm excited to be here in Gurguri right now. It is a really good ward, and the members have been helping us a ton so far. They're really receptive and willing to help. So we had a good week.
I spent Monday saying goodbye to people, and on Tuesday morning I went to the bus station and returned to Maceió. Went to my area and set up house. The area that I am at is called Benedito Bentes 2. We live on the street right next to the chapel. Put Rua das flôres Benedito Bentes 2 on google maps and you should find the church and the street we live on. The house here is nice. It is usually for 4 missionaries, but for right now there are only two. (the mission is becoming low on missionaries)
We had a lot of things to do this week with interviews, leadership training, and zone meeting. We had to do a lot of planning and traveling. But it was okay because the members helped us out quite a bit this week. We had a lot of help with finding investigators and having members go to appointments with us. I'm really liking this area. We spent a lot of time visiting the members and getting to know them. So we had a productive week. We weren't able to bring anyone to church on Sunday, but this week I'm pretty confident that we will have someone progressing.
Also one day this week my companion needed to take out money from the bank, so we had to go to the shopping center to do it. It was the first time in over a year I've entered a shopping center. It was strange, because I had forgotten that the shopping center has kind of a particular smell. 
My companion's name is Elder C.Morais. He is from São Paulo.
I'm going to send a picture from the past Monday. It's from Arapiraca.
Love you, 
Elder Batten

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