Monday, October 31, 2016

Week Sixty Eight - Funny Experiences

This week was filled with some pretty funny experiences.
I was teaching this investigator named Jardi about the sacrament. I was reading John 6 about the bread of life, and explaining how we won't have hunger if we eat of the bread of life, which is the body of Christ. I asked him if he wanted to eat this bread. he said: "No, thanks to God I've never passed hunger in my life." I started laughing, it was pretty funny. He hadn't had a drink in 3 months and on Saturday he ended up getting super wasted and didn't go to church on Sunday. He had commited as well. It was frustrating and annoying. We may cut him off but we will see this week. 
Also we visited this guy named Pedro. He went to plug in the fan into this wild circuit that he had on the floor. It was a mess of cords and extentions. He ended up plugging in another fan to the circuit, and when the fan turned on and started blowing he goes "OXI THIS FAN IS CRAZY" it was pretty funny. The guy was a little odd but I liked the visit a lot.
We have a baptism this week. Cleberson is going to be baptized on Saturday. He is super cool. I like him a lot, and has been progressing ridiculously well. We may have some baptisms this next week as well. There is a story I want to tell you but it would take too long to type it out. I'm thinking about making a video for the next week instead of sending an email. 
Also we have a skunk living in this crack between our house and the wall.
Have a good week, love you 
Elder Batten
(Luke's shoes)


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