Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In the MTC

Hey its Luke,
I made it to the MTC safely. The trip was long but it went smoothly and without any problems. On the flight to Brazil I met some other missionaries there waiting before I got on and talked to them for a while. There were lots of little Brazilian kids on the plane and some of the ones behind me kept poking me and asking me questions. They were pretty funny, and the most entertaining thing on the flight. The lady sitting next to me didn't speak any english and she tried talking to me in Portugese. I didn't understand what she was saying, but I spoke to her with my crappy High School Spanish, which she understood a little. She told me it's hot in Maceió and asked me if I had any sunscreen. She said I'm gonna burn since I'm white. Sao Paolo is a huge city. Whey I got here they fed us and let us unpack, bathe and take a nap. We were given companions, and my companion is Elder Baker who happens to be the Banton's cousin which is pretty cool. I have a few other meetings to go to later today and my next P-day will either be next Wednesday or Friday.

Love, Luke

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