Monday, August 31, 2015

Week Seven - Pictures!

Happy Birthday to Dad and Hannah!

My companion is from São Paulo.  He has almost 4 months in the mission. So not much more time than me really, but he didn't spend a month and a half in the MTC so he has a lot more experience than me, which is normal and good.

We eat a lot of rice, beans, noodles, beef and chicken.  Pretty normal stuff. A lot of different types of juice as well. People drink a lot of juice, Coca Cola and Guarana. Nothing very strange yet. Also the sheet are not a big deal.  It's kind of warm anyway and I'm not having any problems sleeping without them, so that;s all good.

A sister missionary returned from Vitoria on Monday or Tuesday I think. She lives in one of the wards that I cover. She knows Drew and they returned the same day. She wants to go out with us for lessons this week which will be good help for us because we are currently teaching her sister the lessons.

This week was good. We had good days and bad days. One day was some sort of local holiday, so almost every lesson after 3 hours fell through.  But the day after went really well so I can't complain.

The language feels really good at times and really horrible at others. I am slowly learning which is to be expected but when people get excited and talk really fast I can only catch a few words. During lessons I'm fine but when discussions get off topic it can be difficult. But I'm practicing every day so I will get it soon enough.


MTC President and Sister Swensen

Campinas Brazil Temple

São Paulo Brazil Temple

MTC companion Elder Baker

In Maceió

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