Monday, April 24, 2017

Week Ninety Three - Last Transfer

This week we had some setbacks with Ronaldo. But his mom is progressing a little bit and Jadiel and Rita went to church on Sunday. :) That was actually pretty nice though seeing Jadiel and Rita at church.

Also Maria (who still hasn't been baptized because her mom won't let her) gave us a reference of her friend Luana who saw us walking in the street and Maria told her that we visited her. (we actually generally teach Maria in the home of our recent convert family because they are neighbors) Maria invited her to hear a lesson. And Luana went to church on Sunday. We're also gonna try and teach her family who are from some evangelical church I don't know which. 

So this week I enter into my last transfer, I will be staying in my area with my companion. We weren't transferred so I am excited about that. 

Also sometimes Davison (my eternal investigator from Gurguri) comes and visits somtimes here, and his pastor heard that he is going to the mormon church and he is almost undergoing church disciplin in the adventist church.

Have a good week.

Elder Batten


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