Monday, January 11, 2016

Week Twenty Six

The weather has been pretty odd here recently. It's been raining a lot. I would like to feel snow again, but I will have to wait a few years. Also, I am having a lot of trouble sending the pictures. The wifi on my camera isn't working in the church and I am not able to send pictures over wifi. I had an adaptor from another Elder but to send all the pictures over the adaptor would take more than 3 hours.  And I don't have 3 hours to stay on the computer sending pictures. So for now I don't know what I am going to do, but just sit patient. Eventually you will see all of the photos that I have taken.

My companion got emergency transferred. He is going to be the financial secretary of the mission. Which kind of sucks because it was going really well here. I'm going to stay here in Rio Largo, I don't know for how long. I think it will be for a while longer. But my new companion will be Elder Rui. I'm writing this from the mission office right now, because I'm waiting here until 5 for my new companion. It will take a while because he is coming from Sergipe.

We had a baptism on Saturday. Liete was baptized. It went really well. The water of the building was cut off, and we almost didn't have enough water to fill the baptismal font. We had to continue returning to the building a lot this past week to get the font filled. But everything went well.

I hope everyone is doing well and have a good week.

Elder Batten

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